Mobile App and Custom Software Engineering

Who we are

We are a team of highly experienced developers with a different outlook on mobile app and software engineering. We work with our clients as one team and deliver fast and fluent apps transforming your ideas into amazing products together. And we also deliver emotions – to you and your customers.

We are a company of tech entrepreneurs and a company of friends. Having worked for some of the global brands and world's premier developers, we realized at some point that it is time for us to build something new and try to better balance technology and humanity.
Evgeniy Akhmerov

Our Work

We have developed high performing apps for Automotive, FoodTech, Retail, FinTech, Logistics and Transportation, Smart Home, IoT and other industries. Our extensive development expertise and curious minds also allow us to deliver top quality apps for the industries that are new to us.

Our Portfolio

Mobile Trading Platform under NDA
The chart of the dynamics of instruments, stock market, chat with brokers are all protected by a digital certificate. Leading /difway.studio developers were a part of the development team that delivered the app.
Author Connect
Author Connect is a fully-fledged car security system, a current state monitor and remote start without direct sight of the car. The application shows the status of the main systems in real time: battery charge, whether protection is enabled, position on the map. Author Connect is a remote control for the automobile. Leading /difway.studio developers were a core part of the development team www.author-alarm.com that delivered the app.
Project under NDA
The developers of our team have implemented a set of applications for organizing ordering and cooking for internal customer use.
The application for the user allows one to choose a restaurant, food, ingredients for the dish, form an order in time and pay for it. The application for the restaurant administrator allows him to manage the pool of orders, keep statistics and edit the menu.
We research and develop
our own products
The main focus of the company is the development of commercial applications, but at the same time there is always room for our own research, development and ideas, both independent and arising from work on existing projects.

Much attention is paid to how we can accelerate development using our own developed modules and templates. This allows you to quickly launch a project and expand the functionality later without adding significant costs. It is achieved by applying our innovative approach to development. Not all commercial projects reach a wide audience; some projects are products for internal use. Some customers just need a prototype - we solve different problems, from prototypes to ready-to-use products.

Our Concepts

Author Connect for Apple Watch
Author Connect Apple Watch concept is an addition to the Author Connect main application for Apple Watch, which allows you to control the car as the main application only directly from a smart watch: starting the engine, opening / closing the car, arming, displaying the status of the main systems and the latest statuses.

Lingerie marketplace
Mobile store for selling clothes - Women's lingerie. The application provides convenient filter functionality for choosing a model, size, color and additional options. The product catalogue is divided into categories. Features include the user's basket, the choice of delivery method and payment. A customer profile allows the user comfortably manage selected purchases.

SPA & Beauty App
Application for SPA salon services. The basis of the conceptual task was the implementation of a dynamic service catalogue, where it would be impossible to equally structure nesting groups or lists of services. Each line of services of the salon is shown differently in the price list. Developed as a part of the concept: Design. API for the server. Application prototype.

How we work

An important stage at the beginning of any project is getting to know each other. First of all, we listen to you very carefully understanding what problem you are trying to solve, and also tell you about our approaches to development that would allow you to build an excellent product in partnership with us. Once the common ground is found, we can make a next step.
Research. Prototype
Emerging in the problem through interviews and experiencing it yourself. Before building a prototype, you need to research the future application and understand which technologies will be involved in building the application, and which relationships, what needs to be received at the input and given to the output.
Design. Development
Design is not exactly screen elements and not combinations of color solutions, design is the formation of the environment, modeling the future behavior of the program and the user in it, and code development animates the environment allowing the application to respond correctly to user behavior.
Testing. Running. Refining
Testing, launching, identifying and correcting errors and testing again is an indispensable, important and sometimes imperceptible process for an external observer, and only upon its successful completion can we say that the application is ready for launch.
The application always needs to be supported, it, as a person, is born, takes the first steps, grows up, and it needs improvements, new modules, improved functionality, refinement of the interface for user behavior, as well as the elimination of errors accidentally missed during the testing phase.
Let's get in touch
Any work, big or small, begins with an acquaintance. Write to us about yourself and your future application.
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